Message from the Mayor

To start, I would like to acknowledge what an honor it is to be elected as your Mayor. It is a position I take most seriously and in which I shall strive to do my absolute best, serving a town I am truly passionate about. I commit to management of our local government with integrity, professionalism, and accountability. I am dedicated to continuing the work I did as a Councilperson and Council President, that is, to insure we continue to enjoy the safe, attractive, and affordable place we all call home. I fully appreciate how hard this work is and am up to the challenge. I am not daunted by the office and shall live up to its demands.
Peapack & Gladstone is indeed a unique place to live and work. We are fortunate to be a city of interested and caring residents who take the time to participate in local government. I anticipate that in the next year we will continue, as a community of dedicated staff and volunteers, to address our problems and to make Peapack & Gladstone an even better place to live and work. I will also work to ensure that our community stays unified and focused on improvement.

I am so very appreciative of the many people and groups that allow me the privilege of public service and with whom I serve. Thank you to our dedicated staff, first responder volunteers, Committee volunteers, professionals and especially our residents who put their trust in the Mayor and Council’s judgment.
In closing, I would ask that everyone not lose sight of the significance of what we do here. Through our actions, we contribute to the political history of our great nation and change does indeed start on Main St. If we should see areas in higher government that could use improvement, know that the examples of good governance exhibited here in Peapack & Gladstone do indeed have an influence on how higher government operates. Have faith in America. Her best days are yet to come.
I invite you to contact me at any time with your questions, suggestions and comments about our city and your government at or (908)234-2250, extension 111.