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10/2/2017 - PSE&G Gas Line Extension


The Borough has been in discussions with the PSE&G to run gas main lines through the above named streets. During these meetings and conference calls with PSE&G regarding this project and the Borough has learned the following:

  • The Board of Public Utilities permits PSE&G to charge customers for installation of such mains and connecting to your home.
  • PSE&G have broken this job into two projects; one is Holland and Maple, the other is Willow, Tainter and Prospect.
  • The cost to each homeowner depends on the number of homes expressing interest, and the amount of gas to be consumed.
  • The Borough has received a grant from the State of NJ to help pay for milling and paving of Willow Avenue. We are approaching the time that this grant must be used or possibly the time period for our use can be extended. We are unsure if we can secure an extension into 2018. Once the street is paved, Ordinance forbids opening the street for such an installation for a period of 5 years.
  • While there needs to be an “upfront” payment to PSE&G for this installation by the homeowner, this cost can be recouped by having additional homes participate.
  • PSE&G has agreed to hold a public information meeting at Borough Hall in late October so that they may answer any questions from the public in regards to this project, so that homeowners can make an informed decision as to whether this is feasible for them.
  • This form can be filled out by the homeowner, but you may need the help of a contractor for some of the questions.
  • Even once you’ve made the decision to request a gas main installation, it could take a month or more for them to arrange the installation. This process does not happen overnight.
  • If you choose to use gas, you will need to employ a contractor for appliance installation at your expense. Appliances could be: heating boiler/furnace, water heater, stove, dryer, pool heater, fireplace logs, and lighting.

We will provide notice of the date that PSE&G will attend our public meeting. Please watch this website.

William C. Muller, Mayor