Senior Call-In Program

This program is designed to reach out to any senior living alone on a regular basis. Each non-holiday weekday, the participant calls into Police Headquarters on a special telephone number between 9:00am and 10:00am to check in. If we do not receive a call by 10:00 am, we will place a call to you, hoping you simply forgot to call. In the event we are unable to reach you by telephone, we will dispatch an Officer to your home to investigate why contact could not be made.

It is important to let us know in advance if you will be unable to call in. This would be the case if, for example, you were going on a trip or have a morning appointment.

This service also provides the senior an opportunity to share any information with us that you feel important, or if there is a particular problem that you are experiencing which we might be able to lend some assistance.

If you would like join the Senior Call-In Program either stop by Police Headquarters and sign up or call (908) 234-0626 and we will make the necessary arrangements.